December 31, 2009

Be it resolved

Posted in Project: Fail, The Happy, The OCD, The Process, The Round, The Who, The Why, The WTF at 8:13 am by Dagny Taggart

1)  Eat at least two vegetables every day (fruit doesn’t count!).

2)  Stop biting my nails, for real this time.

3)  Thank my parents more often.

4)  Take charge, at least a little.

5)  Revel.




  1. Lisa said,

    Really, you’re going to make me think first thing this morning? Hmmm. Vegetables, for sure. I’ve fallen down on those. Be more grateful and less critical. I think I’ll start with those.

    I hope you revel revel revel and enjoy the manicure!

  2. Lisa: I didn’t mean you had to think right then! Just, you know. whenever you got around to it. 🙂

    And don’t stop being funny-critical, please! I rather enjoy it…

  3. vvk said,

    I have to say… 2009 has been a wonderful year for me… Hard in a lot of ways, but still wonderful. My resolutions:

    1) Keep on top of my my medication and psychiatrists visits so as not to let my current steady state of wellness slip. This really isn’t a new years resolution as much as something I will have to do for the rest of my life. New Years is just a good time to remind myself of it.

    2) Do something about my weight. This will involve an improvement in my eating habits, as well as my exercising more.

    3) Learn to cook. I don’t have to become a gourmet chef, but something beyond pasta and/or a lousy salad… This will help towards #2.

    4) Date more, and figure out how to do it in a way that doesn’t make me cringe. I hate with a passion the “selling yourself” aspect of dating… but I also dislike the loneliness. :-\

    Second tier ideas:

    5) Not be so serious.
    6) Take a vacation… it’s been nearly a decade since I took a trip just to take a trip – not to visit someone, or go to a wedding, etc… I do have fun on those trips, but “fun” isn’t their main purpose.

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