January 5, 2010

Status report

Posted in *cringe*, I need a helmet, Project: Fail, The Gnomes, The Round, The WTF at 11:44 am by Dagny Taggart

Things were off to such a good start, they really were.  Vegetables were (and still are) creeping their way back into my kitchen, into my diet.  Boxes were being sorted, broken down, and recycled.  Time was spent caring for myself.  Thank-you notes were unearthed, addresses found.  A renewed vigor introduced itself into my work. 

Steps were being taken.

They were being taken on the treadmill, as well.  Having fallen back into an elliptical rut, due significantly to my asthma’s tendency to flare up more urgently with more impact, I’d decided that I was going to get back to the tried and true, to the exercise whose efficacy is exponentially greater than the elliptical, if pain gradients are anything to go by. 

And so, I did it.  Ten full kilometers, six and one-quarter miles, at a reasonable pace.  I’d slow down whenever I needed a drink, but completed the run in just over 45 minutes, and felt, as the belt slowed to a stop, that I might have been able to run a little farther, actually.

But I was running short on time, and I was bored, and I thought perhaps some stretching was in order.  So I gathered my towel and water bottle, made sure my iPod was securely tucked away, and turned to step off the machine…


went my ankle, and the pain I subsequently tried to ignore worsened until curses sprang from my lips as I tried to carry groceries up the stairs.

How is it possible that I can run for the better part of an hour without incident, and yet an injury-free 6-inch step down is beyond my capabilities?




  1. Brian said,

    Because sometimes Murphy chooses to lie on the floor. He’s sneaky like that.

    Sorry to hear abotu the setback; I hope it’s not serious.

    Big virtual hugs to you, and big virtual icepacks to the ankle…

  2. Sadly, I am sure that you are familiar with the drill – ice, heat, elevation, rinse and repeat.

    So sorry to hear that you’ve had this setback… on the upside – go you. Time off and you’re still doing sub 8s over a 10k; that is pretty bad ass.

  3. yeah what the refugee said..
    and no worries love…youre not the only one… i once walked four miles in 4 in heels then… stepped off the curb wrong in flip flops and fell flat on my a$$…

  4. Carla said,

    Sorry to hear that! Having had my share of stupid injuries I can certainly relate. Get well (and up running) soon!

  5. Brian: Haha – good to know. I’m on the mend already, so it’s not too bad.

    restaurant refugee: Thanks! Just hoping I’m not too much slower once the ankle’s healed…

    suicide_blond: That, among other things, is why I never wear flip-flops.

    Carla: Thanks for the sympathy!

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