February 1, 2010

Cooking with Pressure

Posted in 8-ball - pool not narcotics, I need a helmet, The Aaaarrrghhhhh!, The Where, The WTF at 10:48 am by Dagny Taggart

I need to get used to playing under pressure.  Because when my team had only won one of the first three matches, we needed to take matches four and five in order to advance.  And I was playing match # 4.  Against a woman ranked one higher than me. 

Granted, that meant I only needed to win two games to her three, but we were playing a team that had bested everyone else in their division, too.  And?  It was COLD.  So cold that my long-sleeved shirt, short sleeved shirt, fleece hoodie, AND arm-warmers (yes, arm-warmers!) were insufficient insulation.  I was shaking during my match, but not from nerves.

Thankfully, I won – decisively, too.  She took the first game, but I took the next two with just three or four turns at the table, each.  And that put my teammate in a position to win our last match, with everything ending right around 4 pm. 

In Laurel, MD.

I went outside, brushed the snow off my car, and proceeded to negotiate snow-covered highways for the next THREE AND ONE-HALF HOURS.

I’m not sure which was more stressful, but I’m glad that the weekend is over with.  Now I just need to get ready to do it all over again next Saturday.  If the weather could take it easy this time around, that’d be great, really.  Otherwise, I’ll likely be a well-done brisket by the time I make it home…


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