February 2, 2010

Majorette, Part 2.

Posted in Past, Present, The Happy, The Who, The Why at 8:57 am by Dagny Taggart

I was trying to explain the friendship to W, who occasionally finds my relationships with my friends somewhat confusing and/or unrelatable.  Which is understandable, as I have eclectic tastes.

And given that she lives far, far away, W has not yet met the woman for whom I am majorette-ing.  And she’s not exactly someone you can explain – she must be experienced, to be understood.  So what I tried to do, is explain who she is to me.

There is the woman who has known me since toddlerhood, who can tell you much you might want to know about who I was.  And there is Sibling Extraordinaire, who can tell you about the dark and twisty ways I traveled to get to where I am, even if she doesn’t quite always understand or approve of where that is.  There are newer friends (relatively speaking), with whom a certain kindred-ness resonates, and whose objectivity and honesty have been invaluable.  But this friend?

She is the person with whom I am most fearlessly, unadulteratedly myself.  Because I trust that she won’t take things the wrong way, and because I know that she looks at everything I say and do through a lens made up of my fundamentally good qualities – the way I see the things that she says and does*.

This is not to say that she hasn’t ever criticized me.  But when she has, I’ve never once doubted her esteem or affection for me.

People like that are pretty hard to come by.  So when you think you might have found one, you’ll likely be happy to don a poly-wool blend in garish school colors, if the occasion requires.

*I see things through a lens of HER good qualities, not mine.  Just in case that wasn’t clear.  *sigh*  Another metaphor ruined!


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  1. vvk said,

    Friends like that are priceless. We’re both extremely lucky to have people like that in our lives…

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