February 14, 2010

I know…

Posted in Past, Present, The Happy, The Who, The Why at 12:19 pm by Dagny Taggart

…I’ve mentioned the fraught conversations between S.E. and I, concerning her wedding.    To a certain extent, I think such things are to be expected.  She’s my sister, she’s (nearly) five years older than me, and we’re going to have different approaches to things, different approaches that occasionally result in conflict.

But here’s another story about that event that I hold much closer to my heart.

S.E.’s in-laws hosted a beautiful rehearsal dinner, one that likely rivaled many people’s actual receptions.  Once everyone had visited the buffet at LEAST once, it was time for the distribution of the bridal party gifts.  Here, as with every other aspect of her wedding, S.E.’s desire for meaning and personalization really showed.  Each gift she’d selected was individual, and personal, and came with a few heartfelt lines about why each of us meant so much to her.

I received a plush rabbit, and a pillow.  And the pillow had embroidery on it, embroidery that reads:

“Once you are REAL, you can’t be ugly, except to those who don’t understand.”

S.E. gave me my gift, and said, simply, “You made me real.”

I hope that everyone gets to feel that kind of love at some point in their lives.  It’s a pretty amazing thing.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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