March 5, 2010

So worth it

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:02 am by Dagny Taggart

I might have mentioned an attempt on my part, to get more vegetables into my life.  It’s been going pretty well, although monotonously.

I do occasionally roast Brussels Sprouts or steam some broccoli, but there’s been an awful lot of carrots and salads in my life as of late.  And my standard weekday lunches are tuna sandwiches, or chicken on a bed of lettuce. 

Also, I am a lazy git when it comes to cooking weekday stuff for myself, so I was just buying the precooked, precut chicken strips and throwing them in a tupperware with some mixed greens and a little vinaigrette.  And then putting salt on it when it was time to eat it, because DEAR G-D that was not fun to eat.

But last night, I had to stop by the store, and they still had some of the warm roasted chickens in those little containers under the warming lamp.  And I thought that I would try one, as W has extolled their virtues as the perfect post-workout meal solution for some time now.

And seriously, that was the best $7.59 (plus tax) I’ve spent in a really long time, because I just pulled some of it off and stuck it on my salad, and it was SO much better.  I do not need salt, or salad dressing.  It is fresh, tasty, preservative-free chicken, and I want more.

So, you know.  If you haven’t tried those roasted chickens that every supermarket around here seems to sell?  Give it a go.  It’s probably tastier than you think.



  1. lemongloria said,

    I meant to buy one of those chickens yesterday! I love them! They are delicious AND I love that they are roasted by someone else!

    Also, as you know, we are working on the veggies and eating better. So far so good today…

  2. lemongloria:. I can’t believe I never tried one before now. I think it will be a useful weapon in my healthy eating arsenal 🙂

    Yay for weekends that allow us to take better care of ourselves…

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