March 8, 2010

Good at things

Posted in I need a helmet, Nerdiness, Project: Fail, The WTF at 10:53 am by Dagny Taggart

There are a few things at which I’m sure I would be hopelessly bad, especially at first.  But I’m of the opinion that anyone can become competent at anything, if one studies and practices enough.

Thus, my endeavors into the wonderful world of 8-ball. Or, as I like to refer to it, physics made pretty.

If someone wanted me to revisit soccer, formerly a bane of my existence, I could – and eventually, I would be able to be more than the worst player on the team.

If someone wanted me to conduct an audit – I’d have to study for a while, but I think I could manage passably well, given the time and resources to familiarize myself with the subject.

And I’ve even managed to learn how to apply eye makeup so that I don’t look like a victim of domestic violence.

So how is it, then, that given a comfortable bed, fully opaque shades for my windows, a humidifier, and silence;  how is it, that having managed to fall asleep pretty quickly, that I wake up after 7 hours feeling completely exhausted, and not refreshed at all?

I’ve had quite a bit of practice at sleeping, and yet I am still terrible at it.  If this is some way of keeping me from getting too much confidence, I’d like to say, “Well played”, and request that I be allowed to abjectly fail at something else, please?


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  1. Brian said,

    Maybe 7 hours isn’t the right amount for you. Maybe you’re a 6- or 8-hour sleeper, and 7 wakes you up in the wrong part of your cycle (it’s been too long since my psych classes to say which one is which, but there’s a cycle for your brain and one for your body, and waking up in the middle of one of them doesn’t feel good, as I recall).

    Is there a history of anything like apnea in your family? Or something else that might affect the quality of the sleep, regardless of the quantity?

    In any case, I hope the issue is resolved soon. Sleep is good, and should be properly enjoyed. 🙂

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