March 10, 2010

Things I have accomplished so far today

Posted in *cringe*, Nerdiness, Project: Fail, The OCD, The Small and Petty, The Why, The WTF at 7:39 am by Dagny Taggart

1)  Dragged myself out of bed by 5:00 am.

2)  Worked out.

3)  Severely damaged my wallet by signing up for a series of personal training sessions.

4)  Made myself a nutritious lunch.

5)  Did a little online window-shopping.

6)  Decided not to post any of the super-thinky and potentially depressing things I was contemplating yesterday.  You’re welcome.

7)  Consumed 1.5 sugar-free Red Bulls.

8 ) Realized that I am SO going to crash in my mid-morning meeting.

9)  Rationalized the inclusion of a Diet Mountain Dew in today’s plan based on #8.

10)  Remained unable to think through whether the upcoming Daylight Savings Change will mean that the sun rises earlier, or sets later.

11)  Wondered what it means that I am more concerned about being able to run outside after work, than I am about the aforementioned mid-morning meeting.

12)  Scanned job listings.

What do you hope to accomplish today?



  1. SillyJaime said,

    Um… I found your blog. Is that an accomplishment? I initially clicked because Atlas Shrugged is my all time favorite book ever, and where I see Taggart I have to click. I swear I want to name my first daughter Dagny, but I don’t think my husband would go for that.

    Today I hope to accomplish two things: making a vlog and packing my bags for MS because I leave on Friday and I’ll be gone over a month.

    Also I really want to go for a walk, but I don’t think I’ll get that far because I’m so lazy.

  2. LiLu said,

    You totally win at today.

  3. SillyJaime: Welcome! I love that book too – though I hope the relative dearth of politics around here doesn’t discourage you from coming back. Also? Packing for a month would take me several days, I’m sure. I’d probably take the walk to procrastinate, while I was at it!

    LiLu: Thanks! Though, I’m out of caffeine and it’s only 1 pm… 😕

  4. AliasFaux said,

    In the Spring, you get more daylight in the evening, less in the morning.

    In the Autumn, it’s vice versa.

  5. Lemon Gloria said,

    Agree with LiLu. You win! But you always accomplish more before noon than I do in three days, so this is no surprise to me.

    Spring forward! And I cannot WAIT to have another hour of daytime! ANDANDAND I am hoping this means that J keeps the same schedule in his little mind, and his wake-up time becomes 7 am rather than 6 am. That would be stellar.

  6. Alias Faux: Ahhh. Thank you. That is exactly what I’d hoped to hear! Though, it would be nice to get an extra hour of daylight AND an extra hour of sleep, I suppose I shouldn’t be greedy.

    Lemon Gloria: Heh. Except that waking up as early as I did renders me completely unable to translate things like “spring forward” into practical terms. I just sit there, drooling, hoping for someone like Alias Faux to come along and explain it to me, preferably using small words.

    Also, I bet J WILL keep that schedule – it will be dark for longer in the morning, so he’ll have less reason to wake up! And us SAD sufferers will be all the happier for extra daylight. 😀

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