March 12, 2010

Note to self (Herding Cats)

Posted in *cringe*, Advice I have no business giving, The Aaaarrrghhhhh!, The Small and Petty, The WTF at 8:23 am by Dagny Taggart


Should you ever decide to have a relatively formal wedding, one that involves attendants, do your best to not have anyone be an attendant who is concurrently planning her own wedding.  Because if you do, you run the risk of subjecting your other bridesmaids and maid of honor to a bridezilla, even if you yourself are actually remaining cool, calm, collected… and considerate.

Apparently, Self, when someone is in the throes of planning HER day, which is not the same day as your wedding day, she may feel entitled to decide that certain aspects of your wedding day are going to be all about her, despite the fact that nobody other than the bridesmaids notices what the bridesmaids are wearing, save that they are usually dressed similarly and are therefore identifiable by the bride, the groomsmen, the wedding planner, and anyone else who may need special attention at the wedding, because that is essentially what one agrees to do, when one agrees to be an attendant.

So, Self, keep that in mind.  Also, should it be unavoidable, you might want to think about making it absolutely clear that these disputes are to be resolved entirely among the members of the bridal party who (1) are wearing the damn dresses in the first place, and who (2) ARE NOT YOU.  Because the bride, who is ostensibly planning most of the other aspects of the event, does not need to be refereeing squabbles amongst her attendants, even if one of them IS planning her own wedding.

In short, Self, make sure that you ask people who are more likely to be concerned with making things easier for you, than having things the way they want them.

Also, Self, make sure you have put someone in charge who is less prone to murderous fits of pique than yourself.  Unless, of course, that person is coordinating the activities from a safely distant location.



  1. AliasFaux said,

    Murderous? Yikes.

  2. AliasFaux: What, me? Prone to hyperbole? NEVER. 😛

  3. vvk said,

    While dealing with bridezilla, a Nutella Calzone might improve your mood. scroll down to the last two pictures…

  4. I assume this rant is purely hypothetical…

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