March 17, 2010

Speaking of exercise…

Posted in I need a helmet, Project: Fail, The Ouch, The Round at 8:24 am by Dagny Taggart

I was personally trained this morning.  And the thing about personal training, is that I love it because it makes me do things that I would not think of doing, because I grew up in an era of Bowflex and NordicTrac commercials, where exercise was associated with machines.

Also, it makes me do things that I don’t want to do.  And because I am paying someone to make me do them, I try harder and push myself more, because I have been *assigned* a certain number of reps and he is standing there counting them off, and I’m NOT going to be the wimpy client who whines and tries to cheat.

I really recommend this for anyone who *loves* to-do lists.  Because once he’s started to count down those last ten reps, I get more enthusiastic about the exercise, especially if it’s one I don’t like (see:  most things involving push-ups, especially push-ups with one hand on a medicine ball; see also:  squat-thrusts in their various forms).  Because if it’s one you don’t like, you’re only 10! 9! 8! 7! etc. reps away from not having to do it again at least until the next week, possibly longer if he decides that next week will involve the little wheely abdominal torture device.

Now, the real question – can I do the personal training in the morning AND go for a run in the balmy, 64-degree, light-until-7:20 evening?

What are you doing to get/stay in shape?



  1. Lemon Gloria said,

    I am paying a trainer once a week and I love it. I’d do it twice a week if I didn’t have to consider budget. Hell, more often than that if money weren’t a factor. But I don’t buy Starbucks and I don’t eat lunch out, which is how I justify this. He pushes me farther than I can push myself, comes up with all kinds of exercises and makes me accountable. Best money I’ve spent.

  2. Carla said,

    All the running… And hopefully back at biking to work soon. I should start hitting the gym with Karl again soon, and we were talking about going to spinning classes at the gym or maybe even trying crossfit.

  3. Will said,

    I’m personally trained twice a week.

    As someone who played sports in high school, I thought personal trainers were for cougars trying to get boned or weesh guys who never played sports.

    I was wrong, and now I understand why so many professional athletes have personal trainers – a good personal trainer is a wonderful thing.

    I supplement personal training with playing basketball 4 times a week and not eating processed crap.

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