March 19, 2010

That kind of friend.

Posted in *cringe*, I need a helmet, Nerdiness, The Happy, The Who at 8:09 am by Dagny Taggart

“I’ve just dyed my hair purple.”


“It’s sort of a plummy violet*.”

“I’m sure it looks good on you.  What do YOU think?”

“Well, I thought it was going to be really cool.  But now I wonder.  Because my eyes are blue, you see, and maybe this makes my head look like a giant bruise?”

“Oh.  Well, I’m sure that’s NOT the case, because if anyone could pull off plummy violet hair, it would be you.  Nobody thinks you look like a giant bruise-head.”

“and… AND.  I’m sure you’d make having a giant bruise-head the in look for next season, anyway.”


I highly recommend getting one, if you can.

*My hair is not, nor has it ever been, plummy violet.  This friend has, however, seen me through truly ill-advised platinum blond, followed by bozo-the-clown-orange, followed by a color (to cover up the orange) that actually had the word BEIGE in it.  And she did not say the wrong thing ever, not even once.



  1. Lemon Gloria said,

    Those are very good kinds of friends. I’ve had the beige. And apricot – the result of a temporary black hair dye that really isn’t temporary for blondes. Which it said on the package.

    I bet plummy violet would look very pretty with your eyes, btw.

  2. Lemon Gloria: I know! Beige! argh.

    And as someone who has done the dark-back-to-light thing, I feel your pain. I wound up cutting most of it off, and coloring what was left until it rather resembled ginger straw.

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