March 22, 2010

When communism comes in handy

Posted in The Round, The Where at 10:27 am by Dagny Taggart

One might not expect, coming to a page authored by a woman who calls herself “Dagny Taggart”, to see a post singing the praises of Marxism.   And normally, you wouldn’t.

But this weekend, I happened to stop by a new-ish burger place (The Counter, in Reston Town Centre) in the hinterlands, and thought it was worth a try – if for no other reason than one wall of the establishment was lined with liquor bottles and they actually offer french fries, something that my beloved HellBurger has disdained.

And I really like french fries.

On the plus side, I got to order my burger via menu card with checkboxes (they have predetermined options if you don’t want to build your own burger).  On the minus side, there were entirely too many options for me to create the perfect burger in a restaurant-appropriate amount of time.

On the plus side, they have Diet Sprite available (for those of us trying to avoid caffeine while consuming Claritin-D like it’s candy, a very good thing).  On the minus side, the fries are absurdly thin.  These are not fries, they are potato strings.   I want there to be actual potato involved, when I have fries.

On the plus side, I got my burger on an English Muffin, which made me VERY happy – bun-cohesion + subtle flavor + awesome textural experience = 😀 .  On the minus side, they state that their burgers all come pink with a bit of red center – mine was decidedly more done than that, though my companion’s was perfectly cooked.

On the plus side, they have a ton of toppings and sauces and cheeses.  On the minus side, either the grilled onions or sautéed mushrooms were so heavily spiced that I couldn’t really taste the meat of my burger or the cheese I’d chosen for it.

All in all, it’s a place I’m sure I’ll try again.  Next time, however, I’ll pretend I’m in Soviet Russia, and stick to the basics. 

Well, provided that herbed goat cheese counts as a basic.



  1. Lemon Gloria said,

    Somehow, surprisingly, I didn’t expect a burger review from the title. Why? Dunno. Heh.

    Also, Reston as the hinterlands…I used to work out there and it didn’t seem so far, but now it seems like a whole weekend trek.

  2. Brian said,

    I am pleased that they will serve sweet potato fries there, which are appropriately thick.

    And I guess if you’re a communist, having the red center is kind essential, no?

  3. Lemon Gloria: Oh, you thought I might be discussing timely sociopolitical matters? It was Monday! Can’t muster that much brainpower on Monday…

    Well, it’s not that far if you’re not dealing with traffic. However, there is nearly always traffic.

    Brian: Do we know that the sweet potato fries are thick? My companion was anti-sweet potato fry, so we did not try them. But I will be Most Pleased if they are steak-fry-like in shape and size.

    And? hahahahaha. I am a huge nerd. hahahahaha. 😀

  4. Brian said,

    While not quite what I would describe as steak-fry thick, they are much more substantial than shoestring. Slightly shallower than McDs, say, but twice as wide. They are tasty. The Girl and her coworkers do happy hour there from time to time, so I have had the opportunity to sample. And I approve.

    Also, of your nerdy-ness.

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