April 2, 2010

Stew stew stew*… oh, Beef Bourguinon, you say?

Posted in But I am... le sick, Darth Vaguer, The Who, The Why, The WTF at 3:06 pm by Dagny Taggart

It’s been one of those weeks.

Because work has been … work.  And I’ve been feeling like the state of my health is being dictated by a magic 8-ball:  “Reply hazy, try again.”

Because they did, today.  Try again.  Poke poke, let’s just take a little of this… and we’ll call you in a week.

And then my brain finally processes the passive-aggression of someone who’s kind of in a mutual circle of friends, and I realize I’m not her cup of tea.

Then… then!  I get Dr. Taggart to do my taxes.  As you may recall, I bought a spiffy little place to live in last year, and I was ALL KINDS OF EXCITED to get a tax refund.  Except that because I made approximately $20 more than the income cap for the rebate that was in place at the time I bought, and because I cashed some bonds and therefore had capital gain income that went towards the down payment, I got bubkus.

And let’s not even get into capital gains taxes, shall we?

But…  it’s gorgeous out.  And work is work, but it’s better than it was, and looking up.  And I’ll hear back in a week, and the doc said it didn’t look bad.  And … well, not only do I have a place to live, but I have pretty amazing parents who are being very helpful on multiple fronts.

This week started out looking like stew.  But now I’m looking for a nice Meritage to go along with my Bourguinon.

*Whose bright idea was it to create a name for a food that has EW in it?  I mean, really.  I know presentation isn’t everything, but surely someone could’ve done better than “stew”.


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  1. Lemon Gloria said,

    Oh, ugh. Ugh all around, ugh. I hope the weekend turned into a fantastic one. It was beautiful but very allergy-y up in NJ. I think probably the same here, huh? Hope you found the perfect wine. Magic 8-ball will say all is well very soon. Hugs to you.

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