April 6, 2010

Way Harsh, Tai.

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My iPhone is broken.  Fortunately, not so very broken that I can’t use it, but broken in a cracked-and-no-longer-aesthetically-pleasing way.  I suppose I’ll keep at it for a while longer, until whatever goo resides behind the glass decides to start leaking into my ear.

It’s more than mildly annoying, in part because my commute has been greatly enhanced by the Stanza application, which has enabled me to download a number of books, which I then read on my phone.  It’s like a tiny Kindle, but I like it better, because it is small enough to hold in one hand and turn pages and such while packed like a herring on public transportation.  And I have discovered a number of excellent classics available online, which is a good thing, because it’s really easy to forget that there are real, excellent, amazing bits of literature out there when you can read Laurell K. Hamilton with complete discretion, on your tiny little iPhone screen.

I’ve been easing myself back into things with Jane Austen.  To go from works seemingly wholly devoted to cataloguing an astonishing amount of adult activity between decidedly anti-Puritan numbers and combinations of semi- and non-human entities to the thoroughly Victorian deliberate obliviousness to lust has been quite refreshing, and undoubtedly good for my brain.  But it has had one disturbing consequence.

Somehow, in my undergraduate pursuit of British Victorian novels, I neglected to read Emma (look – once you’ve read two J. Austen novels, you start to suspect she hasn’t got anything new to say, and they just wouldn’t stop assigning Dickens, and that takes a LONG time to slog through!).  Anyway, so I downloaded Emma and read it.  And realized that it was the template for this movie.

And I wonder why nobody really said anything about that at the time.  10 Things I Hate About You is so obviously (albeit loosely) based on The Taming of the Shrew.  And Carrie was so prescient a telling of my 7th grade dance.  But I don’t remember anyone ever talking about Cher and Emma essentially being the same person.

Why is that, do you suppose?

*Title edited for spelling.



  1. David said,

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clueless_%28film%29 mentions it in the first sentence.

  2. Carla said,

    I think at the time everyone said Clueless was based on Emma… You must’ve forgotten about it! 🙂

  3. David: Of course it does, and don’t I feel, well… clueless. 😕

  4. Carla said,

    Oh, and thanks for the Stanza tip — Karl has a ipod touch, and he’ll LOVE this!

  5. Carla: It’s possible – though in my defense, I didn’t start reading/discussing Austen until Ye Merrye Olde College, some time after the movie came out. And it’s also possible that the English majors there took themselves a little too seriously to openly compare Proper Olde Literature to Clueless.

    I will say, I haven’t decided which has the better dialogue. Hope Karl enjoys Stanza!

  6. David said,

    Actually, it occurs to me that people often discuss which movies are based on Shakespeare, rather than which works are based on books (hence, 10 Things is in, Clueless is out). Additionally, Emma is old enough that it’s in the public domain, so there’s no need for the movie to fess up in the credits or something.

  7. Lemon Gloria said,

    Um, I’ve never seen Clueless. Or 10 Things. Or Carrie. I am severely lacking (clueless?) in the movie department.

  8. David: That’s an interesting observation – though one would imagine the same would be true for Shakespeare, date-wise. I suspect, also, that more people were forced to read/study Shakespeare than were subjected to Austen beyond Pride and Prejudice. Thanks – I feel a tiny bit better!

    Lemon Gloria: There are those who would argue that this indicates a higher degree of cluefulness on your part w/r/t quality cinematic entertainment. However, those people are clearly not afflicted with Guilty Pleasure Syndrome. 😀

  9. Sarah said,

    If you really want to blow your own mind – compare certain aspects of Bridget Jones to Pride and Prejudice with Hugh as Wickham and Mark Darcy as Mr. Darcy.

  10. Sarah said,

    And by Hugh – I mean Hugh Grant as Daniel Cleaver in the movie.

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