April 8, 2010


Posted in But I am... le sick, I need a helmet at 8:57 am by Dagny Taggart

The last time I was stung, I lived in an apartment complex where the parking lot had little sections of grass separating parking areas.  I stepped on one of these on the way to my car, and was stung 5 or 6 times by yellowjackets.

It completely freaked me out, and I HURT, but it wasn’t so bad.

Apparently, I’m becoming more allergic.

There is a small, perfectly round hole about 16 inches from the balcony floor, next to my front door.  Bees fly in and out of that hole.  And normally, these bees aren’t supposed to be overly inclined to sting.

But apparently, that’s not something you tell a bee before it’s had its morning coffee, should you happen to run into it as you’re heading to work.


I’m going back to bed.



  1. vvk said,

    Ouch… is that a hole in the wood? Carpenter bees suck, and they can do some serious damage. the deck behind my parents house had to have some major rebuilding after carpenter bees decided it would make a perfect home.

  2. vvk: I’m pretty sure it’s carpenter bees. I have a call into the condo management people, who called a pest control company. In the meantime, OW.

  3. Alias Faux said,


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