April 13, 2010


Posted in But I am... le sick, I need a helmet at 8:07 am by Dagny Taggart

It’s been suggested that not only have I not been getting enough sleep, but that I’ve been getting crappy sleep, as I’ve mentioned before.

Apparently, there are those who think that parrying my sleep-boxing efforts is neither fun nor normal.  Hmph!

So, I opted to take a little “Acetaminophen PM” without the Acetaminophen part, and let me tell you – that shit will knock you out.  It will make you fall asleep, and it will MAKE YOU SLEEP for at least 10 hours.

After which, you will still feel as though you are drugged.  I can’t explain this feeling to someone who’s not experienced it, but it’s a complete lack of control over some aspect of your physical person.  For me, the two days following the two nights where I took a little PM help felt like I was in a fog that I’d never get out of.  Never. Until I did, but at that point I was already on edge and irritable because I’d thoroughly freaked myself out by wondering if I would ALWAYS feel as though I was just aware enough to know how unaware I was.  Knowing that I should not operate heavy machinery, not even 12 hours after I’d take one tiny green gelcap.

So.  I don’t think I’ll be taking that again, at least not during the week, not unless I have nearly 12 hours to spend horizontal amongst the covers.

And we’re back to the drawing board, because although I technically feel better having not taken the PM and thus gotten roughly 4.5 hours of sleep, I still don’t feel great.

What helps you sleep?



  1. Carla said,

    Karl is a huge fan of melatonin. For me it does help me fall asleep, but doesn’t help me stay asleep, so I only take it when I’m desperate.

  2. Alias Faux said,

    Your answer is Ambien. You will be asleep within 1/2 hour, and you will not feel drugged up the next morning.

    Note of caution: if you are prone to sleep walking or committing crimes, this may not be for you, as it ABSOLUTELY is a drug, and if you try to stay awake, you ABSOLUTELY be stoned and won’t remember it.

  3. vvk said,

    I don’t so much sleep-box… I tend to flail and spin. I’ll wake up on my back on one side of the bed. Some time later I’ll be on the other side face down. Later I’m face down back on the original side of the bed…

    At least I no longer wake up with my head where my feet should go… or with my upper body hanging off the side of the bed. I used to do that as a kid.

    As for sleeping, I haven’t found anything that both works and doesn’t have other annoying side effects. Not even exhaustion works reliably for me. :-\

  4. 8junebugs said,

    Dude. You, too? I was just talking to someone about taking control of my sleeping patterns when I stopped by here…

    I find Advil PM and its generics work pretty well without leaving me feeling druggy. It’s especially good for sort of adjusting your sleep patterns post-travel. If that doesn’t work now, though, I’ll have to figure something else out–averaging 6 hours a night while trying to work full time, go to grad school, and get up early to run ain’t cutting it.

  5. Carla: I think I’m going to have to give melatonin a try. The pharmaceutical stuff is just making me feel so sluggish the next day!

    Alias Faux: Apparently, I HAVE been pretty active in my sleep, so Ambien might not be a great idea. Unless I can rig my door so that I can’t get out unless I’m fully conscious…

    vvk: That’s kind of my problem – although some nights, I fall asleep in one position and don’t move at ALL, other nights seem to involve a fairly intense cardio workout (if only I were seeing more benefits, I might not mind so much!).

    8junebugs: See, for me, the PM meds make me feel awful the next day – they use the same active ingredient as Unisom, and all of that makes me feel really stupid the following morning. Especially because like you, I’m lucky to get 6 hours. I hope it works for you, though!

  6. Lemon Gloria said,

    The PM stuff always leaves me feeling drugged. When I was having sleep issues, I was prescribed Remeron, which is an old-school antidepressants, but in very low doses is an incredible sleep drug. Although now that I think about it, I do remember that it made me feel like I was wading through marshmallow fluff the next day. I think that subsided, though. Or maybe we cut the dose from small to veryverysmall. But it was great when I needed it.

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