April 15, 2010

A stitch in my what?

Posted in *cringe*, I need a helmet, The Round, The WTF at 8:43 am by Dagny Taggart

Lately, running has been that thing I do when I can’t motivate to go to the gym, or don’t have time for the gym.  Running I can do with a quick change of clothes, with no driving or parking or scanning in or stashing my stuff. 

But it’s been allergy season around here, and that’s stalled my runs somewhere in the 4-4.5 mile range.  I usually follow it up with Level 3 of the Shred, but still – I’m not making any progress towards my previous 10k glory.  My runs have been occasionally punctuated with brief periods of walking, with having to talk myself back into a faster pace.

Also?  The most bizarre pain ever.

I get it when my hips hurt, when my knees creak in protest, when my calf spasms or when my hand gets tired of holding my iPod (I loathe the feeling of an armband).  I know what tightness of chest signifies.

But this?  is the MOST BIZARRE PAIN EVER.  Because it is somewhere under my right boob.  Specifically in the upper left-hand quadrant of my right boob, if one is facing me. 

And while I wouldn’t put it past the Universe to bestow an affliction on me solely for the purpose of amusing passers-by as I stop running and try to, um, apply pressure to ease the pain, I stopped to think about it.

FYI, I go to the doctor regularly.  And thankfully, along with my “you-don’t-have-cancer-you’re-just-abnormal-please-come-back-in-six-months” diagnosis, the various white-coated types I see were able to confirm that my heart is in *great* shape.  Seriously.  100/55, RHR of roughly 51.  The cardio, it pays off!

So, I tried to describe the pain – it’s a really sharp pain, and after it starts, breathing hurts like a m*&^@#f!~+<@#.  After walking for a bit, it subsides, and then I run some more.  And the doctor, she says that sounds like a runner’s stitch.  And I point out that it’s in my boob. 

And she says that it sounds like I’ve got a stitch.  In my boob.




  1. Carla said,

    I hate these weird pains! During long runs (8+ miles) my shoulder starts hurting. My shoulder. Hurts. When running. You KNOW I’m doing something wrong when that happens. Too tense maybe?

    Haven’t heard of boob stitch, but you can try the same breathing tricks for regular stitch and see if it helps? One is, when you feel pain, exhale as much air as you can, then take one big inhale, and so on, do a few times. The other (to prevent it), is to “breathe with your diaphragm, not your lungs” — basically when you inhale, put your stomach out, exhale, tuck your stomach back in. Try to get your stomach involved with the breathing. At first it’s annoying (too much to concentrate while running), but later it becomes second nature. I used to get stitches all the time, and now I rarely have issues with it.

    Lastly, I haven’t run with music in a couple of years, but I used to really like this: http://www.nekfit.com/ (I don’t like the armbands either). Amazon sells it as well, for cheaper, I think.

  2. Alias Faux said,

    It saves nine, though, right?

  3. Carla: Thanks for the advice! I usually practice diaphragmatic breathing (they actually give classes on it to really severe asthmatics), but maybe I’m not doing it while I’m running. I’ll try to be more mindful!

    Alias Faux: Saves… nine… what, exactly?

  4. Lemon Gloria said,

    I have had the boob stitch! Yes! I know this stitch of which you speak!

    Also, what kind of crazypants are you? Following those runs with the Shred level 3?!?! You’re my hero but you also kind of scare me.

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