May 5, 2010


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-roared the anguished Humbug, who suddenly realized that that was exactly what he’d eaten twenty-three bowls of.

It’s Wednesday!  And we know what happens on Wednesday – I voluntarily submit myself to Trainer for a good pummelling.  Today was no different.

Except, well… normally, he has me do X number of reps for each exercise, and that number is announced before I start, and he counts them down for me.  And he’ll tell me when I’m halfway done, as a sort of encouraging measure.

Also, when he has me run on the treadmill without turning it on, for three minutes?  He’ll tell me when I’m halfway done with that too – which would be more encouraging if time didn’t slow down to half-speed whenever he has me do that.  Anyway.

So, normally, that’s what we do.  And last week, he increased the weight I was using for a number of the exercises, and that was cool.  Painful, but cool.  This week?


40 reps on the leg extension?  Sure.  Oh, you’ve got ten more in you, let’s see ’em.

40 reps on the leg curl?  Oh, you’ve got ten more in you.  Let’s see ’em.

35 reps on the tricep pulldown?  30 on the assisted dip machine?  Let’s see another ten on each.

I have never felt so cheated in my life.  Okay, that’s a lie.  But I certainly thought it was the truth at several points in time this morning.

Which doesn’t explain why – when he had me doing this squat to jump to squat to jump back thing, and he told me to do 50 reps, and then tried to tell me I was done at 40 – why, exactly, I told him that I still had ten more to do.

Because that’s just like asking for another bowl of Subtraction Stew, when you know exactly what it is you’ve eaten twenty-three bowls of already.



  1. Lemon Gloria said,

    Because you are STRONG! (And maybe lacking in judgment when you have that many endorphins going.)

    Holy cow. Just reading that made my muscles ache. Do you have epsom salts? Maybe a good soak this evening.

  2. Lemon Gloria: Oh, the judgment was definitely compromised. Endorphins may have been the culprit, but I also suspect early-morningness was a contributing factor.

    Sadly, no epsom salts – but the tub will be helpful nonetheless. 🙂

  3. Alias Faux said,

    I have been to one, count it, one of those “guided fitness” classes you see listed at the gym (you know, like Spinning, or hot yoga, or jazzercize).

    This one was “cardio kickboxing”, I did it because our mutual “friend” said it was a great workout. Well, the guy kept doing that exact same thing.

    First he’d count to ten, and then count backwards, but halfway through, like at 5 or so on the way back down, he’d only count on every other rep, so that you thought you were doing 10 (on the way up), and then you figured out you were doing 20 (on the way back down), but you actually ended up doing 25.

    THEN, he’d tack “OK, TEN MORE” on the end.

    I never went back, and will never do another one of those classes. I’m fine with working out, just don’t tease me with the finish line halfway through.

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