June 2, 2010

One of those days, eh?

Posted in I need a helmet, The Small and Petty at 9:02 am by Dagny Taggart

I woke up, and managed to find my way to the gym, where Trainer had me do a LOT, and was suitably impressed by how much I was able to get done.  Which was a good feeling, until I realized that the fact that my arms hurt as much as they did at the end of the workout, means I probably won’t get to use them tomorrow.

I made it out of the house twenty minutes earlier than usual, by design – walking across the various parking lots en route to the train, I reveled in crossing the white lines at a diagonal, unblocked by cars that were slowly trickling in rather than circling in frustration at the lack of spaces.  Until, that is, a woman incapable of parking straight, and also incapable of looking around for pedestrians, backed up directly in front of me, and sat there for several minutes trying to figure out how to maneuver her car.

At the metro station, I just missed a train, and had to wait 6 minutes for the next one (WTF, Orange Line?).  And when the next one came, it was completely empty – and bypassed my platform entirely.  So finally, I got on the train – and managed to snag a seat.

It’s been one of those days where the possibility of a really good day is placed before me like a football, and then taken away at the last second.  The worst that will happen is a bruised bum, and so the day won’t be a bad one… but I’m not sure it can be a good one when you find yourself relating that closely to Charlie Brown.



  1. Lemon Gloria said,

    Sorry, punkin! Just remember – don’t trust that bitch Lucy!

  2. Go Betty said,

    Ya I know those days, they start out like some kinda bonanza wooohoo I feel great today, and then slowly thats whittled away flake by godam flake until you start thinking “Oh F&^% it!! I just wanna go home and wait for tomorrow now” lol

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