June 8, 2010

In which our heroine gets some good news

Posted in 8-ball - pool not narcotics, I need a helmet, Nerdiness, The Happy, The Ouch at 8:50 am by Dagny Taggart

and maybe delivers a tiny little PSA:

1)  Guess who has two thumbs and no cancer, for sure (for now)? 

2)  Jagerbombs are never a good idea.  Especially on a Monday.

3)  Playing pool (or doing pretty much anything) well is a great way to take your mind to a more positive place.  Once you start handling one thing well, no matter how trivial it is, the rest of everything seems a little less daunting, somehow.

4)  This does not make me any less apprehensive about the Furniture Assembly Project I have scheduled for this weekend.  Regardless of the sweetgum tree’s intentions, I suspect bruising will be involved.

5)  I’m stocking up on bubble bath and Viognier.  These are always good things to have on hand, when bruising is anticipated.



  1. vvk said,

    1) Yippy! Time to celebrate. Jagerbombs for everyone…
    2) err… right. Jagerbombs do kind of suck unless you’re 21.
    3) It’s a positive cycle… the opposite of a vicious cycle.
    4) furniture assembly is fun… except that it somehow leaves my fingers sore.
    5) I have no idea when the last time I had a bubble bath was… probably 20+ years ago. I prefer hot tubs…

    Back to (1)… YIPPY!!! 🙂

  2. Carla said,


  3. Lemon Gloria said,

    Very happy for the good news! Also, I like licorice, so I have always liked the taste of Jagermeister. Which is not to say that I sit around drinking it. More to say that I’m kind of aberrant. Also, I like Viognier. That is all. For now.

  4. vvk: As a Jersey girl, Jagerbombs are kind of a required experience – but I do prefer something a little less… Jager-y, most of the time. Still, it is a worthy thing to celebrate! Yippeeeeee!

    Carla: Yay, indeed!

    Lemon Gloria: Jager is not so much a favorite, though it is a palatable addition to many a cocktail. And if you like Viognier, I have a winery to tell you about…

  5. suicide_blond said,


  6. freckledk said,

    ditto to what the blond said. xoxoxoxo

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