June 11, 2010

In which an old friend stops by

Posted in *cringe*, Darth Vaguer, I need a helmet, Nerdiness, The WTF at 10:46 am by Dagny Taggart

Karma:  Yooooooo hooooooo!  Anybody home?

DT:  YOU!   But… it’s been so… oh!  This is all your doing!

K:  Of course!  Remember that thing that you got all indignant and dudgeony about?  And the other thing, with all of the judginess?

DT:  Yes.  Oh… my.  Yes, I do.

K:  Bwahahahahahahaha.  Seriously, this is some of my best work yet.  This?  Is hilarious.  Oh, I slay me!

DT:  I’m sure.  Okay, okay.  I get it.  And honestly, this is really well done on your part – have you been working out or something?  Learning new techniques?  Do they even HAVE CPE classes for what you do?

K:  Well, I don’t want to brag, but I have been going to the gym quite a bit.  The rest is all my innate brilliance, which I have decided to bestow on you.

DT:  Thanks, I guess?  Oh.  I did have one other question.  The sweetgum tree thing  – was that you?  And if so, what on EARTH did I do to deserve that?

K:  Hehehehe.  I’ll never tell….



  1. David said,

    I don’t get it.

  2. David: Karma is a recurring character here in Galt’s Gulch. She pops in to remind me that the universe has an interesting sense of humor, often when my life provides an entirely new perspective on a situation about which I’d been previously judgmental.

    I’d clarify more, but then the post wouldn’t also be labeled Darth Vaguer… 😉

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