August 4, 2010

Flat Dagny

Posted in I need a helmet, The Round at 8:43 am by Dagny Taggart

I was going to wear heels today, but ran into two problems.

The first, is that today’s workout has left me feeling somewhat two-dimensional – a condition under which raising one’s center of gravity seems unwise.

The second, is that today’s workout has left my legs feeling somewhat irritated towards me, and as I reached for the heels, they *ETA: (my legs, not the shoes!) detached from my body and kicked me until I promised that I would employ the flattest shoes I own.

That’s what it feels like, anyway. 



  1. Alias Faux said,

    wait, why is your leg coming out of your neck?

  2. Alias Faux said,

    AHHHHHH, I see, those are feet!

  3. vvk said,

    Clearly her feet are stomping on her torso… AF, you sure you don’t need some new glasses? 🙂

  4. Go Betty said,

    Ya I am discovering today after last nights workout that the high heels, well lets just say the walk has taken on a peculiar shuffle like motion.
    I do like the drawing and really think you could draw your trip to Vegas really well.

  5. Lemon Gloria said,

    Oh, no! Your legs are kicking your, uh, I was going to say ass. But it’s more like boobs, isn’t it?

  6. freckledk said,

    Girl, with your height I would wear flats every day. That’s not a slag — I wear flats every day, I just can’t fully get away with it, whereas you’ve legs up to your neck and can rock that sh*t.

  7. Alias Faux: Yeah, I’m not the best artist.

    vvk: Stomping AND kicking. Action is hard to draw…

    Go Betty: And of course, I seem to own either masculine flats (oxfords, etc.) or superfeminine 3-4″ stilettos – the latter, of course, is very fun, but excruciating at the moment!

    Lemon Gloria: Boobs, ribs, elbows… my legs were not so very discriminating. Owie!

    freckledk: My philosophy is that I’m going to be taller than most people anyway, so I might as well wear heels! And, with height comes bigger feet – heels make my feet look smaller, whereas flats can make them rather boat-like. Not that people notice my feet all that often, thankfully!

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