Let Me Sum Up

Dagny Taggart (my two-dimensional twin) is an intelligent, strong, capable woman with a problem.  Her sense of herself is compromised by her devotion to something other than herself, and her desire to prove her worth. 

Individuality has been tough for me.  I spent a large portion of my life trying to make other people happy.  It’s addictive, you know.  And it’s often the easy way out, to seal every decision and action beneath a veneer of selfish altruism.

I have an idea of who I want to be, though.  An idea encompassed by the concept of John Galt.  Someone who not only expresses ideals, but also lives by them.  Someone who doesn’t take the easy way out.  A person who risks real and utter rejection to make the kind of decisions euphemistically referenced as “adult” and “mature” and “good”.

Funny how nobody ever talks about how incredibly hard this sh*t can be.



  1. Ah, but you just DID talk about how hard the shit can be didn’t you?

    I worry too much about making others happy as well, I think.

  2. dagny said,

    oh yes, r we mirrors? i feel the same way, though u have a clearer idea of what u want to be! kudos,

  3. nullp0inter said,

    It’s easy once you let go of what you know and relearn everything. Unless of course you are captured and subjected to electric shock torture. Then it can be a little bit difficult.

    I’m surprised you didn’t use Howard Rourke. He blew up his building rather than let his vision be corrupted.

  4. TAG said,

    Let me leave you with these words of wisdom.

    “Believe in yourself. After that, everything is easier.”


  5. Zip said,

    I think deep down we all, including the serial altruists, want to be John Galt.

    The difference between the serial altruist and someone like you or I is, I suppose, that we have the courage to try.


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