March 20, 2007

A conversation

Posted in The WTF at 7:30 am by Dagny Taggart

K:  Hey there, Dags!
(slaps DT overexuberantly on the back)
K:  Been a while, no?

DT: Karma.  You’re looking well.

K:  Well, you know.  Just wanted to let you know I was still here, in case you had forgotten.

DT:  You know what would be great?  If I could actually get a chance to miss you.  I think we’d both like that.

K:  Darlin’, you know I don’t work that way.  Besides, who would keep your butt in line when I was away?

DT: (dryly) I suspect I’d manage.

K:  I really don’t think it’s wise to take that chance.

DT:  Well, I feel warm and fuzzy now.  I do cherish these little chats we have.

K:  A pleasure, as usual.

DT: (muttering under her breath) If you’re a sadist, maybe.

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