August 17, 2010

Thank heaven for car inspections.

Posted in The Process, The Where at 12:40 pm by Dagny Taggart

1)  I’ve been having a bit of a block lately, in case you couldn’t tell from the absolute randomness, and lack of interesting material, in recent posts.

2)  But, I’m leaving for Vegas, The Sequel in 4 days.

3)  My car inspection expired at the end of July, and I hadn’t gotten it done yet.

4)  So, I worked from home today, and went on my lunch hour.

5)  When she fails inspection, my car is called Hester Prynne, because they give you a pink sticker where the yellow one normally goes.

6)  She is currently called Madeleine, her name when she has not merited a rose-hued adhesion.

7)  This is a good thing, because I didn’t feel like spending ridiculous sums on brake, oil gasket, or pressure hose repair.

8 )  Also, it means I shouldn’t get any tickets from the local parking enforcement officer while I’m gone.

9)  Which means I won’t have to call Officer P and ask him to void the tickets once I’ve taken care of the inspection.

10) Because Officer P has a tendency to write multiple tickets over a very short period of time, which doesn’t give one time to actually GET the car inspected, and the local authorities agree that it’s somewhat unreasonable to not give someone time to correct the infraction.

11)  And, Officer P sounds pretty much exactly like Elmer Fudd and Porky Pig combined, meaning that he is VERY hard to understand, and conversations take a VERY long time.

12)  And really, it’s just kind of nice to feel like I’ve done some of the things.


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  1. Lemon Gloria said,

    Ohh, Vegas2! Wherein you keep up your tolerance level and a modest amount remains a modest amount! And congrats on passing inspection. It’s such a pain in the ass when you don’t.

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