August 18, 2010

Also, thank heaven for Trainer

Posted in But I am... le tired, The Ouch, The Round at 8:52 am by Dagny Taggart

Ow.  *whimper*.

On a 3½% tip, the stairmaster that looks like actual stairs is *much* more effective than the other kind.  This kind?  Is made entirely of pure evil and PAIN.

I’ll be doing it again tomorrow.  *sigh*

Also, why do I find that Jimmy Dean planets commercial to be so cute? 

In other random thoughts, did you know that iPhone’s autocorrect feature is adaptive?  That is, over time, it will recognize things that you type regularly – onomatopoeias that you use regularly, or words that you intentionally misspell (I CAN haz cheezburger!), etc.  A recent conversation made me think about how interesting it would be to gather a group of people and compare their personal lexicons for their iPhones.  I suspect this would reveal some interesting qualities about the users and their relationships to the people they text and email the most.



  1. At my gym, there was a trainer who would jump on those for about 1-2 hours at a time, barely break a sweat, and would chitchat with people below the whole time, while not even using her arms to prop herself up.

    I hated her. Bitch.

  2. Go Betty said,

    We dont have a stair master, of any shape for form in my gym thank god. My gym is a basement hole under the office at work. Its cold, its dark, it has pipes on the walls and ceiling……….normally when I am there no one else is around so I turn off the lights and work out in the dark and daydream about interesting stuff to take my mind off the pain.

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